Cox Hill – April 15, 2012

The view looking down near the summit

What a great start to the season!  A somewhat taxing hike, mostly due to the snow combined with skipping a few switchbacks to head straight up the hill at one point.  That meant we had a fun time sliding back down though!  This is definitely one to revisit in the summer, I imagine the sunlight dappling through the many tree-filled ridges on this hike would be extremely beautiful.

This hike does definitely beg some tips on shoulder-season hiking though.  My friend from the Calgary Outdoor Recreation Association (CORA), Becky has some good tips here.  But some additional ones I would add are:

  • Bring sunscreen.  Even on a day like this was, with overcast skies and <5m visibility at the summit, the reflection of even limited sunlight off the snow can result in some pretty nasty burns.  I forgot to reapply and ended up quite red-faced on Monday!
  • Add extra time to any estimates given for hiking time that you mind find in guidebooks or websites.  Even a small amount of snow can be deceptively hard to hike in, and can add significant time to your hike.  I tend to assume that we’ll be moving at half of our usual pace if there’s non-patchy snow covering the trail.
  • Bring your camera!  Don’t assume that all the views will be unappealing.  Pristine, untouched snow can be very beautiful!

Elevation Profile and Route

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